R22 Replacements
for Air Conditioning.

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R22 Replacements
for Air Conditioning.

What is R-22?

R-22 is a refrigerant gas once used in air conditioning systems as part of the refrigeration cycle. It is a hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC), a greenhouse gas, and is attributable to ozone depletion, much like CFCs.

Years of Experience

EU regulations have resulted in the phasing out of R-22 and we at Zircon are proud to be a part of helping preserve our atmosphere and environment for generations to come. If you have an existing R-22 system, one of two things can be done to replace the harmful gas system, depending on the model you have:
In some cases, the existing R-22 pipework can be re-used to run with R422D and R417A, o-zone friendly alternatives to R-22.
In more extreme cases, it may be that a full system replacement will be required in order to comply with current regulations. Either way, Zircon have you got you covered.
Get in touch with us and we can come and see what you’re dealing with. Once diagnosed, we can offer you the best price around for any work that needs completing.

Does my system use R-22?

To find out if your system uses R-22, it might be as easy as taking a look at your outdoor unit.
There should be a label on the unit identifying the type of refrigerant gas the system is using.
If, however, there isn’t a label, take a note of the model number and give us a call. We’re more than happy to help you identify the type of system you’ve got.

What We Offer

We like to build long lasting relationships with our customers. That’s why we’re by your side at every step of your cool air journey.

AC Installation

We install a variety of AC units for a vast array of clients. Whatever your needs, we know how best to cool your space.


Our aim is to keep you comfortable for the future, not just the present. Our customer service team are always ready to help.

Leak Detection

It’s a legal necessity for your commercial spaces to carry out regular leak detections. We can help you stay compliant and stay safe.

R22 Replacement

Replacing R22 is a very delicate process that needs great care. We can get you up and running again quickly and safely.


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“Zircon recently installed two split Fujitsu wall mounted air conditioning units at my home. Something I have been meaning to do for some years. The installation was professionally carried, very neat with a minimum of disruption and done very quickly. Very satisfied with the installation and happy to recommend Zircon to future clients.”Tim Halford
“Steven and his team arrived promptly on the day agreed. They quickly got to work, installing my home with a Mitsubishi Electric wall mounted split and upgrading my old distribution board, answering my questions as they went. By mid-afternoon they were finished, everything was tested and they were done. They did a really tidy job and the system works well. Having seen noisy air conditioners in the past, I’m extremely surprised at how quiet the outside unit is – there’s no way my neighbours would be able to hear it. I wholeheartedly recommend Steve and his team at Zircon.”William Smith, High Wycombe
“We used Zircon to install air conditioning into our new suite of clinic rooms. The job was done quickly & efficiently and with very little fuss. The team were on-hand to offer advice about the placement & types of equipment and the ongoing support has been excellent.
I can highly recommend Zircon for a fast, efficient service and good quality AC systems.”Paul Checkley, Harley Street Hearing